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I’ve always been obsessed with how things work.  As a child, I took everything apart, from toys to lawnmowers.

In 1991, I began my clock repair apprenticeship at a clock shop just outside of Boston.  I was working as a Computer Systems Engineer for a large manufacturer, when my wife and I began collecting clocks.  Our first clock was an 1890s Ansonia porcelain clock that was in need of repair.  After speaking with the local clock shop’s owner one afternoon, he asked if I would be interested in learning how to repair clocks. 

I went to the clock shop for several hours everyday after work and learned not only how to repair clocks but also about the history and design of clocks. The shop took in hundreds of clocks, and so I had the opportunity to work on many different styles and types – from simple time-only movements to complicated carriage clocks with minute repeating chime movements.

After a year of training, I decided to leave the corporate world and work on clocks full time.  In 1996, my wife and I moved to Wilmington, and I opened up ClockWise Clocks where I both sold and repaired antique and modern clocks.  While I’ve closed the retail store, I still repair clocks from my workshop. 

I‘m passionate about clocks, their history and design.

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Todd Reynolds

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